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Leftist dems sounding more like communists all the time


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from pocohauntus: (the dem queen of disinformation, lies, and more stupidity)


Elizabeth Warren proposes criminal penalties for spreading 'disinformation' to voters online

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then there's bernie sanders - the avowed communist/socialist sex object of woodpecker fandom


Bernie Sanders' campaign is preparing ‘dozens of executive orders’ to bypass Congress in his first days in office, document shows

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even in the media. they are very much like a bunch of angry zombies.


Whoopi Goldberg gets frustrated with Alan Dershowitz for making reasoned arguments, says ‘I’m cutting you off,’ then insists he show her respect

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on a North Carolina elections board -

more hatred from the left. more intolerance by the left.

more intimidation by the left.

It's a pattern - they are all in, and their leadership is in congress, around our gov depts,

in our federal judiciary............

an attack on the Pledge of Allegiance.


Democrat-majority election board threatens arrests if Pledge of Allegiance is recited at meetings after protesting attendees say it on their own

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