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Sherrod Brown - always nancy's little toe-licking WIFE BEATING commie puppet


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so tired of his act. Works for ohio, then nancy counts on him like all the others - just going with any stupidass request.

It will never end til these scumbags are out of office. Sherrod Brown has been a disgrace for so many years. He'd have licked obaMao commie's toes if asked to.

 just one sick loser. and wife beater.


Senator Sherrod Brown Faces New Abuse Allegations - The ...


Oct 19, 2018 · The mainstream media is unsurprisingly silent on recent allegations of abuse levied against Democrat Senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio. Congressional Democrats are going to have to take a break from providing cover only for Keith Ellison to now bury any potential blemish to another of their own after they spent weeks fueling the Kavanaugh circus.


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