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Marriage story review

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Marriage Story
R                 136 min

Not that I think this one is going to win best picture, not even that I think it’s 100% best picture worthy, but there’s no doubt in my mind that if anybody thought streaming services we’re going to be a short-lived fad in the movie industry they have the proverbial ‘nother think coming.
There are a few factors that can sway the academy toward or against voting for pictures when the time comes to pass out the gold statues. Politics and diversity are all too often the culprits when it comes to choosing ideology over quality but this one is a bit different. In my admittedly unsubstantiated opinion members of the academy like this one because they, more than others, can empathize with the subject matter. There has always been tension in the theater community between New York and Los Angeles. Also I’d imagine that divorce is a fairly common occurrence among theater people and that it is just as painful for the elite as it is for folks in much less glamorous professions.
It’s also refreshing to find a film that relies more on performance and script that it does with camera tricks and CGI.
Adam Driver and Scarlett Johansson Star as Charlie and Nicole a director and actress whose career paths are about to take different directions. As he is establishing secure footing in New York’s theater circles she has been offered a part in a pilot that turns into a serious on the West Coast. That makes the marriage as well as taking care of the child difficult and eventually impossible without a complete restructuring of the relationship. 
Anyone who has been divorced with the help of opposing attorneys can probably relate to the fact that they can turn a time of sadness and doubt into one of bitterness and retaliation in order to bleed the litigants of as much money as possible.
The dialogue centric plot would lend itself well to the stage and here is bolstered by fine performances from everyone involved including Laura Dern Alan Alda and Ray Liotta. These members the under-the-radar thespian  family probably helped the film on its way to its nomination.
If writer-director Noah Baumbach is intentionally channeling Woody Allen’s brilliant Annie Hall or Manhattan I don’t know but there are similarities if not exactly the world-class insight that Mr. Allen is capable of.
If you are looking for a break from action thrillers, superheroes or  raunchy comedy this is a good place to look on a cold winter evening.

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