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Ford V Ferrari review

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Ford v Ferrari
20th Century Fox
PG-13                 152 min

**spoiler alert**
Good morning gang. It’s Oscar season sew in this issue I plan to complete the best picture nominations. Some of which I have waited until the nominations came out frankly because I wasn’t all that interested before. I realize that this one has been in theaters for a while and will no doubt still be there by the time we go to press and beyond.  Actually, FORD V FERRARI isn’t exactly what I expected which would have been a combination of ROCKY and FAST AND FURIOUS and even though there are elements of both here neither would be an accurate description. Closest I could get it’s a buddy picture with elements of redemption flick. The cast is led by two heavy hitters Matt Damon and Christian Bale as legendary race car executive Carroll Shelby and loose cannon driver / mechanic Ken Miles. 
One might guess that the conflict here is between Enzo Ferrari and Henry Ford II as the arrogant European powerhouse goes head-to-head with good old American gritty individualism but that’s not really the case. The actual conflict here is from a pompous Ford executive Leo Beebe who prefers corporate yes men to the eminently more talented albeit abrasive Miles. The two sides will vie for the blessing of Mr. Ford as the film goes along and that support will change hands more than once. The story is also in line with rumors we have heard that Ford II was something of an a hole.
What I liked was the attention to the relationships of everyone involved even though I am fully aware that inspired by actual events doesn’t mean a whole lot. Still it’s a movie designed to entertain people who buy tickets. Also, I thought the acting was above-average across the board with the minor exception of Damon whose accent was noticeably inconsistent. I’m surprised nobody picked that up. At any rate it’s an appealing film if not great and yet another entry into the best picture category that leaves me with a shrug of the shoulders.


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I just watched this one on video.   Not being an auto racing guy I didn't know if it would appeal to  me.

But, it did, very much.  Surprisingly so.   It was fairly well outstanding.

But, FYI, I read up a little on it, and most of the major events in the movie were true.   Enzio Ferrari was a  major pompous ass.  As was Henry Ford....and you know what happens when you have two pompous asses butting heads...don't you Steve!:D  And there was the Beebe guy, and you described him perfectly.   The "Down to Earth" guys Shelby and Miles did prevail...sort of .   The scene about Beebe wanting the 3 cars of his team to finish in a dead heat at the finish line is true.   Though the movie didn't reference it,  what I read implied that Miles was so pissed off at the order given to finish in a dead heat, that when the time came to do so, Miles backed off just  a scoche so that Beebe could not have his way.   And Miles did die in a crash in test run in California just a year later. 

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I loved this frickin' movie.

And Bales' performance was Oscar worthy...


H-A-P-P-Y... I'm H-A-P-P-Y...


But Best Picture... I'd have to give my vote to Once Upon a Time in Hollywood...

... and Pitt richly deserves his supporting actor nomination.

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