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Adam Carolla: California would care about the homeless 'if it could get money from them'


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In an interview that aired Monday, comedian Adam Carolla told "Tucker Carlson Tonight" that California's government isn't concerned about the poor because they can't get money from them, adding that the ultra-poor are "untouchable."

"[California officials] would care if they owe them money and they had money and they could get money from them," Carolla told Carlson. "They care greatly about people who have checkbooks, but they've really divided the entire city into those who pay and those who can't. And if you can't, they're not that interested."

Carlson asked Carrolla about the growing homeless crisis in California and breakdown of the "rule of law." Carolla explained that the middle class is who suffer most.

"If you're Barbra Streisand. What do you care about a speeding ticket... and if you're ultra-poor, you're untouchable because you can't get blood out of a turnip. You know, there's nothing there. There's there's none. You can't pay them," Carolla said. "It's the middle who gets the crap kicked out of them here in Los Angeles."

"So we have a million rules for those who play by the rules, and we have no rules for those who have no money and don't play by the rules," Carolla added.

Carolla argued that no one wants to enforce the rules because they're afraid of being perceived as "mean."

"What changed is we started to mistake discipline in rule of law for being mean.  This sort of like, don't be mean," Carolla said. "'Don't take that homeless guy. Why are you making him go here or why are you arresting him or why are you incarcerating him or why are you putting me in this facility?'"

"We're turning on the teachers, the coaches, the governors, the mayors, the cops. I think what we've done with cops, we turned cops into the bad guy," Carolla said.



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17 minutes ago, LBC mike said:

Sounds right.  Normal here in Cali.

The democrats and their policies have ruined California. There is no other reason so many residents are fleeing California to go to other states. It is a shame. I was stationed in California in the 70's and I was impressed with how much there was to see and do there as well as the weather in southern California couldn't be beat.

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