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Buttigieg: US aid should be used as ‘leverage’ to change Israeli policies


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2020 Democratic hopeful says he wouldn’t let Washington ‘foot the bill’ if Jerusalem annexes West Bank settlements

By Eric Cortellessa 22 October 2019, 8:33 am
WASHINGTON — Democratic presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg said over the weekend that he would consider using American military aid to “leverage” Israel to change its policies toward the Palestinians.
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4 minutes ago, calfoxwc said:

just another democrat/socialist Jew Hater.

a scum bucket of the worst kind, all them are.

Unlike Obama, Trump has been a great friend to Israel. Israel PM Netanyahu has said that in Israel's history since 1948 they have never had a better friend in the White House than Trump. Just one of many reasons I look forward to voting for Trump this year.

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On 2/13/2020 at 12:14 PM, calfoxwc said:

just another democrat/socialist Jew Hater.

a scum bucket of the worst kind, all them are.

Geezus, Kal... over the top even for you.


On 2/13/2020 at 4:28 PM, Vambo said:

Quid Pro Quo if ever there was.

Yup.... the legal kind... as opposed to the "do us a favor" kind.

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1 hour ago, Tour2ma said:

Geezus, Kal... over the top even for you.

Sorry. I just overstated because I have zero respect for Mayor Pete. He talks about cutting all aid to Israel to force them into

not annexing, etc....then flips that somewhere else.

I imagine he doesn't know the history of the Middle East at all.

    He doesn't say one word about cutting aid to the "Palestinians" if they don't drop their demand to destroy Israel, and the "Palestinians" refused the deal well before they found out what it entailed.

Were he to do that - it could/would? ignite a war of convenience - hitting Israel while losing all aid. And, of course,

the Palestinians keep right on with American aid? What the?

Mayor Pete has NO RIGHT to screw over Israel and force Israel to not be allowed to establish it's own

security. As for not annexing the West Bank, etc, Mayor Pete doesn't know, I figure, that Israel was declared war upon,

and won the war. You don't get your West Bank back just to launch another war there.

In addition, Israel gave back the Gaza Strip for peace. Of course, it was a fool's gamble, but they tried it. and of course, that blew up in their face. Why give back the West Bank and have it happen again? because, if they do, it will.

and the Golan Heights - captured, and won during the Yom Kippur War. There is NO going back and pretending the war never happened.

Mayor Pete can't get his city straight, forget it.


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