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After failed impeachment bid and Roger Stone controversy, Dems target attorney general


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they are totally corrupt, and are completely at war, civil dirty tricks war, with Real America, and anyone who stands in their way.

Mueller used a long time fbi informant to set up people on the right side of the political spectrum. Filthy, corrupt, dangerous deep state garbage that they desperately had to hide - and would have, with higgardly winning the election. But they lost, and all fear and hell broke loose, they had to fight to CTAs or they could be found out and tried for real crimes.

I don't doubt, if higgardly had won, they would have collectively come after all of us, too. Because they would control who won elections from then on, because they would own the U.S. Supreme Court, have loyal leftwing federal judges all over our country, even MORE power to falsely prosecute anyone at anytime...

and they know the next election is their "WIN.... or go to prison" time for sure.

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