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Parasites movie

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Saw this Best Picture Oscar winner this afternoon.

Both Steve and I and others have claimed that a movie should not be considered for both Best International (Foreign language) movie, and for Best Picture.

After seeing this, I still basically stick to this.

In fact, if this movie, which was in the Korean language and set, I assume in Seoul (at least in some big city in S. Korea), had it been in English and set, say, in Seattle or San Francisco, or the like,   still should not have won Best Picture  IMO. 

Don't get me wrong, it has a goofy, intricate plot.  And nothing wrong with the acting, though, for me, not being in English, I can't tell so much. Someone described it as Fargo-esque,  which I can see, because it is sort of a black comedy, with some of the same situations...where you see that there is sort of no real bad guys in this.   Just people that do some bad things.   (though there were real bad guys in Fargo)

It is essentially about a family that are unemployed who turn to "grifting" on a wealthy family to obtain jobs from them in a fraudulent manner.  It is not like the wealthy family doesn't need people to do the jobs the grifter family does for them...nor that they do a poor job at what they are doing for them.  It is just the manner, and what they have to do to get those jobs that makes them ne'er do wells.  Well, things all blow up when the former longtime housekeeper, whom the grifter family mother replaces, comes back to the house to "retrieve" something while the wealthy family is out on a camping trip.  She learns that these people who were all represented to be a strangers to one another are actually a family.   And when the wealthy family cuts their camping trip short due to weather,  well, the shit sort of hits the fan. 

But, again, to me, if this had been in English and set in this country with the exact same plot.....no way would it have won Best Picture over the competition, though it may have been nominated. 

Since Steve won't/can't see it,  I will sub for him and  give it a B. 

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On 2/23/2020 at 5:20 PM, TexasAg1969 said:

Had another friend see it and told me not to waste my time.

I guess it depends on what you like.  As I said, this is sort of in the vain of a black comedy,  which, if you like those kind of movies, which I generally do....you could enjoy it well enough.  The story itself, as I said, could be about a black families in Atlanta,  or British families in London, or an Asian family in Seattle, or a white family in Dallas or Chicago.  It just happens to be about a Korean family in Korea. 

It may well have deserved a Best International Film award. I don't know, not having seen the other International Films.  I just thought that at least one other movie I saw this year was more deserving of Best Picture. 

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