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I would LOVE to go to CPAC next year - Pres Trump's speech to CPAC highlights!


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I listened to several speakers  events - the hilarious reading (think theater) of page and strzok's emails/texts to each other....

some great speeches. We joined "FoxNation" on our phones, etc - https://nation.foxnews.com/?cmpid=org=NAT::ag=MediaStorm::mc=paidsearch::src=bing::cmp=brandcore&utm_source=paidsearch&utm_medium=bing&utm_campaign=brandcore&msclkid=c6aa615cea7e138248033f07f7345b4b&gclid=CP6_-uCc-OcCFcGXxQIdRwMNWA&gclsrc=ds



Golden Nuggets From President Trump’s Speech at CPAC 2020

President Trump gave yet another bang-up speech at CPAC 2020. But then every speech he gives keeps getting better and better. It brought the house down. Here are a few nuggets from Saturday afternoon’s speech:

  • We filled up the stadium in South Carolina last night. Our competitors had like two people.
  • No administration has ever done what we’ve done in the first three years.
  • We’re defending our faith, our values, our borders, and our God-given rights.
  • We are exposing the corruption of the Washington Democrats and are draining the Washington swamp.
  • I think justice will be had (giving a facial reaction that was entirely positive about that). They gave us Mueller hoax, the Russia-Russia-Russia crap, the phone call hoax, …
  • We are preserving this exceptional nation that our ancestors fought and died for.
  • One of my most important promises was to end America’s long-standing wars in the Middle East.
  • We knocked out Soleimani, the father of the roadside bomb.
  • Sometimes our allies treat us very badly.
  • Nobody has a military like we have. The professionalism of our people is incredible.
  • We cannot be the policeman of the world and the democracy-builder for every other nation in the world that has problems.
  • Today we signed a deal with the Taliban and can hopefully bring our troops back home. 19 years later.
  • We have to thank our wounded warriors who came home from there. Especially the ones who lost limbs.
  • If the Taliban and Afghanistan government live up to their obligations, the longest war in American history will be over.
  • After years of rebuilding other nations, we are finally rebuilding ours.
  • It would be so much easier for our country if we had a press that told the truth.
  • We are committed that those who would do us harm, including those who would come to our country, will be kept out of our country.
  • My administration is taking the most stringent actions to control the coronavirus. We started with tough travel restrictions.
  • Nothing will deter us from protecting the well-being of the American people. My job is protect Americans and their health – and we will do it with vigor. We are banning the travel to the US of Iranians and anyone who as traveled there [the new coronavirus hotspot]. We have State Dept advisories for “do not travel” for South Korea and Italy.
  • We will do everything we can to keep the virus out of the US. It’s time for all Americans to put politics aside and work together for the health and security of the American people.
  • This is very different; we have to be very careful with this.
  • We are in the midst of the Great American Comeback. Our economy is roaring, jobs are booming, crime is falling, …
  • We have restored our standing in the world, and America is respected like never before.
  • Unemployment has reached the lowest rate in over 51 years. The average unemployment rate for my administration is the lowest for any president.
  • Young people have seen their wages rise by 16%. More than 2 million millennials have gotten jobs, and we have lifted 10 million people off welfare rolls.
  • You can’t buy an election [Mini-Mike]; you have to bring the goods at some point.
  • Pocahontas nailed Mini-Mike during the debate. Mike was saying, “Get me off the stage; get me off the stage.” [President Trump squatted behind the podium imitating Bloomberg’s lack of stature and the crowd at CPAC erupted!]
  • The Democrats want to take away everything from you (religion, guns, etc.), including your freedom. But we will never let them do that.
  • This is my fourth time at CPAC, and I’ll be here next year, too.
  • All of the Left’s schemes to remove me have been defeated.
  • The Democrats want sanctuary cities where they protect bad people. We just won the case where we don’t have to pay sanctuary cities any more [withholding federal law enforcement funding is legal].
  • Regulation is stealth taxation, especially on the poor. We have ended the war on American energy.
  • We are not hostage to foreign hostile suppliers of energy because we are energy-independent now.
  • We’ve had a lot of nice people running our country over the years. Maybe I’m not nice, but I’m doing a great job for you.
  • [The President took an unofficial poll of CPAC participants on who he should hope will be the Democrat candidate in terms of being easiest to beat. The vote was overwhelmingly for Bernie Sanders.]
  • The Left think I’m not leaving the Oval Office until I die. Bill Maher thinks I won’t leave.
  • The big rip-off is over. I signed USMCA into law; the biggest trade deal ever. The estate tax for small farms and small businesses is now gone.
  • China is going to buy $50 billion of US agricultural products under the Phase I China trade deal. The most we’ve ever sold to the Chinese before is $16 billion.
  • Illegal immigration costs American taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars a year. The Democrat Party wants to give illegal aliens free healthcare now, too.
  • We believe in strong borders and quick deportation of captured illegal aliens. We have ended catch-and-release. We are up to 163 miles of border wall.
  • We imposing price transparency on healthcare services. I have asked Congress to prohibit late-term abortion. I have asked Congress for funds to provide school choice options for 1,000,000 American children.
  • I have signed out criminal justice reforms that will give non-violent criminals a second chance.
  • We have confirmed a record number of judges who will interpret the Constitution as written.
  • We are proudly depending free speech on American campuses. Those who deny free speech rights will risk the loss of all of their federal dollars.
  • We know that America is the greatest force for good in history. This is the home that we want our children to inherit. There are still more records to be shattered and more amazing history to be written.
  • There is no limit to what we can do. America is driving like never before. And the best is yet to come!
  • God Bless America!
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