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Official recommendations for avoiding the corona virus


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'DO NOT: Contrary to what you may have heard, health officials are recommending Americans to avoid wearing masks unless they are sick. "Masks help protect others from catching the virus, but wearing one when you're healthy won't do much." Demand for N95 masks have boomed since the start of the outbreak, causing shortages, which is why WebMD recommends leaving the masks "for people who really need them, like the sick or health care professionals." '


Now, I've never been too proud to ask a dumb question. But, here goes -

if health officials say if you're healthy, DON'T wear a mask -- if you're healthy it won't do much...

who are they kidding? as in, why do THEY wear masks, even full coverage suits? eh?

if wearing one keeps you from spreading the virus, then how in the heck can it be worthless when

wearing one to keep from getting it? Outside of it can enter the eye tear ducts ... it's primarily a lung disease symptom

virus? so, it won't go through a mask if you had the virus, but it won't stop it if you don't?

    I'm just not buying. It sounds self-serving to me - like "we want to see only virus sick people wearing them so we can

get them and quarantine them", and "we don't want people to panic".

   I think, when we drive to Texas, by golly, I go through a state and stop in at bathrooms etc, you betcha we would wear our masks.

   That make any sense, what they say about this - to anybody?

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I have this inclination to go out and stock up on tissues, toilet paper,

gatorade, paper towels.... going to a store ---- not wanting to - and a panic would empty the shelves, especially

if related employees start getting hit. I don't think it will.

But Mexico - illegals with it could bring a lot of it here - their hc/welfare is primitive, so many are dirt poor...

not good.

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