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NOW is the time to start watching the swamp get taken to the drain


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it's going to happen. Those who think they have a right to do anything they want to control America,

despite who we elect as President - are going to be unemployed. They have to be. Corrupt strzok, page, brennan, clapper...

the list is long.

It's going to start happening now.


"Former CIA operations officer Sam Faddis, who once headed up the Weapons of Mass Destruction unit at the CIA’s Counter-Terrorism Center, has publicly stated his concerns about rogue elements in the CIA continuing attempts to take out the President:

It’s not just that we have ‘a’ coup attempt, we have another one underway, and there will be another one after this if this one fails.

Once you go down this road to where the elite in DC decides who rules and who doesn’t, then we do not have a democracy anymore…once the system is destroyed, you can’t put it back together again just cause there’s a Democrat in the White House in four years or whatever. We now move into a territory into which we have destroyed the foundations of the Republic, and you can’t just put that back together."

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