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Hot Off the Presses... Government watchdog: Hospitals face severe shortages of medical gear, confusing guidance from government


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Looks like another IG will have to be fired for doing his job...


Government watchdog: Hospitals face severe shortages of medical gear, confusing guidance from government

An internal government report found that one hospital was so short of thermometers it could screen staff and patients for coronavirus only at random.

By Laura Strickler, Hannah Rappleye, Dan De Luce and Ken Dilanian

WASHINGTON — Hospitals across the country face dire shortages of vital medical equipment amid the coronavirus outbreak — including testing kits and thermometers — and fear they can't ensure the safety of health care workers needed to treat patients with COVID-19, according to an internal government watchdog report released Monday.

The alarming findings, based on interviews conducted from March 23 to March 27, represent the first government assessment of how the country's hospitals are coping with the outbreak and confirm previous media reports and warnings from health workers that the medical system is under unprecedented strain.

Hospital administrators also said conflicting guidance from federal, state and local governments on how to use personal protective gear and other issues has led to "a greater sense of confusion, fear and distrust among staff that they can rely on hospital procedures to protect them," according to the report from the inspector general for the Department of Health and Human Services, or HHS.

Equipment provided to hospitals from the federal government fell far short of what was needed and was sometimes not usable or of low quality, said the report, which was based on interviews with administrators from 324 hospitals and hospital networks of varying sizes.

According to the report, one hospital received two shipments from the Federal Emergency Management Agency with protective gear that had expired in 2010. Another hospital system received 1,000 masks from federal and state governments, even though it expected a much larger delivery, and "500 of the masks were for children and therefore unusable for adult staff," the report said. Elastic on N95 masks from one state government reserve had "dry-rotted" and could not be used, it said.

More at: https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/government-watchdog-hospitals-face-severe-shortages-medical-gear-confusing-guidance-n1177256

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yep. obaMao was too busy funding transgender and gay sensitivity training in the military and indoctrinating school children with liberalism. etc

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Severe shortages? Where?

Outside of NYC, hospital capacities are under 60%.

Thanks in part to the elective surgeries being postponed.

Yet we have to realize it’s just another smear by NBC.

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Two questions...

1. Was Obama supposed to shit the money to replenish the stockpile?

2. How did Obama prevent Trump from replenishing the stockpile for three years?

On 4/6/2020 at 3:43 PM, Canton Dawg said:

Yet we have to realize it’s just another smear by NBC.

Actually it's straightforward reporting of the findings of an IG report of the office's survey of over 300 hospitals... so there's that...

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