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Funny Story - MUST READ

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Ok I forgot this story until I read this about Tony.


My friend used to live in North Olmsted and he lived next door to Tony Bernazard. When I was young we used to egg his house because he was an asshole. He was and probably still a drunk. I am sure he knew it was us, but for some time could not catch us in the act. Mind you I was 7 or 8.


One day Tony caught us and grabbed both of us by the shirt. I got away and he held onto my friend. No shit, he reared back and punched him in the face, full on. Broke his nose. The kid was 8 years old and a pro baseball player just jacked him. His dad basically said "Well you shouldn't of egged his house". We never egged his house again.


This story doesn't surprise me.


Mets fire VP Bernazard in bizarre news conference.


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Rubin recently reported that Bernazard tore off his shirt and challenged members of the Mets’ Double-A Binghamton affiliate to a brawl during a postgame tirade this month.


Seems like a pretty good guy. I'd like to see Shapiro tear his shirt off Hulk Hogan-style and take on Weglarz.

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