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I don't like Obama, I think he is a fake.


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Sorry mz the pussy, I don't dislike you,really. Inspecta seems like a kiss ass, do whatever it takes to be accepted type of person. I do have PTSD, and not afraid to admit it. Don't knock it if you don't understand it. Sorry for stirring the pot.


'spec and I have had our moments, but we have come to a truce and I don't think he's a kiss-ass. I know you're only calling him that because he can actually have a civil discussion with people you dislike.


And I don't dislike anyone (maybe cal? Though I'd call it curiosity, in a scientific way).


Additionally, DH, if you truly suffer from PTSD, a) I'm very sorry, and B) I would hope that you'd be way more empathetic to those who suffer from other psychological disorders or issues, as I'm fairly certain you've told me to go visit my shrink dozens of times without knowing anything about me or others you may have said the same thing to.


LOL, mz the pussy. A bit of unsolicited, hacky marriage advice - never call your new bride that. icon_e_surprised.gif


Haha. I called her a pig once, after she made a mess of shit, and that was not welcomed. icon_e_smile.gif

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