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What? Obam takes over our posts via


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So, I posted three things early this morning, haven't been posting new threads very much, as much as possible...


and two of them went to Al's reading material thread.


Those weren't reading material.


One was about who is in disarray, Reps or Dems? and part of that last part, was deleted.


And the serious note about Venzuela shutting down radio stations?


Read that, and tell me you think the corrupt Obama admin won't consider doing such a thing




We're in big trouble, our country is in big trouble.


Of course, it was Al that insisted the "only one thread a day" was only a "suggestion".


Yeah. like the heavy hand of the power-hungry Obama admin is only a "suggestion".


The more the Obama mucks this great country up, I expect more of this.


Meanwhile, I met a lady from the Ukraine who bought a few bags of our produce


at the farmer's market. She mentioned that "this is how we always bought our vegetables and fruits


- at the local, homegrown markets... until the Soviet's communist government took over. I'm hoping we


never see you local farmers put out of business, too, the next few years."


If that doesn't alarm you, just a little bit, you aren't listening, just hearing, I think.

















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I read that article, it was alarming. Many socialist.liberals here in the states will have to be more creative to actually do anything of this kind. Yes, they would love to stifle the opposition.

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Well in Venzuela, they ARE shutting down all critical radio stations.


And, Obama sides with Chavez, and Selaya. Selaya was working toward becoming a leftist dictator


to stay in office past their Constitutional limits.


Now, we also know Obama doesn't think much of our Constitution...


Meanwhile, in a farmer's market you can:


Sell eggs at a set price, but you can't sell them at a set price without getting a license

to local produce markets, but you can sell them at a farmer's market without a license...


But, you can sell eggs anywhere you like if you accept donations instead of a set price.


And, you can sell baked good at farmers' markets, but you can't sell cream pies because they

have to be kept refrigerated, but if you kept them refrigerated, you'd have to have a license...


And, you can sell your produce by quarts and pints, but you can't sell them by lb's, oz's, unless you

pay some inspector to come to your farm and check your scale for accuracy and certify the scale, quarterly I think.


You can sell blueberries, but you can't dehydrate them and sell dried blueberries, without a licen$e.


So, you can sell produce, unless you have processed the produce in any way. Then, you can't, unless

you get the licen$e.


You can't sell canned goods without having a canning licen$e.


You can't sell at a few farmers' markets unless you have 1,000,000 bucks of liability insurance. Like in Canton.

Forget driving there to be a vendor.


You can't sell bottled water bought from a store, because you don't have a canning/bottling? licen$e.


You can offer sliced tomatoes for free samples, but you can't sell slices. But you can sell sweet corn on the cob,

but you can't cut the corn off the cob and sell it.


You can sell apples, but you can't sell cider, or jam, or applesauce. But you can make applesauce and offer

it as free samples. But you may not be able to do that with cider... it has a lid?


You can sell mint tea leaves (makes GREAT tea), but you can't make tea in a beverage cooler and sell open

cups of tea, because the cooler has a lid, and you must have a canning licen$e.

Well, that is what I've been told. And, the made tea is a processed item.


Well, you can sell bottles of water and pop at your garage sale, but you can NOT sell the same

at a farmer's market.


One vendor selling baked goods, bought coffee already made from a coffee house and offered coffee with their free samples

of baked goods, but they got shut down, a health cititation, and a fine.... the coffee was processed, and the vendor didn't grow

the coffee beans.


But, they didn't grow the flour, pecans, cinnemon, etc in their zuchinni bread, but never mind...


So, you can buy your ingredients, and make zucchini bread and sell it no problem, even though it has been processed,

but it needs no refrigeration;


And you can sell those blueberries as they are, but not if you dry or freeze them, because they have been processed,

even though the dried blueberries don't need refrigeration.


Say, I'll bet, you can make zuccini bread and freeze the loaves, and then get maybe four of them out,

thaw em out, and sell them with no problem. As long as somebody doesn't find out. Well, maybe.


But, all that is okay, but Obama hasn't mucked that up yet. Those are just local/state regs...


Obama serious miscues has cost him a of points of popularity, and a LOT of points in job approval.


You can't defend him, Heck. He and the leftist Dems have already crossed the line of acceptance, even within

their own party.


No wonder Obama is angry his leftist dictator buddy Selaya was outcast by the Honduras military, when he tried to

get the military to force a referendum on him staying in power in violation of the Constitution.


And Obama WAs upset.


And when I said Obama was predisposed to not support Israel? Now look at how many Israeli's are furious with him.


But, he was silent about Iran's protests crackdown, because he "didn't want to intrude". But intruding forcefully


vs Israel is fine by him?


Like the line from the old play and movie, "Arsenic and Old Lace", America is now just starting to say "No, Obama, NOT the

Chicago Way"


He is a narcissistic and corrupt idealogue out of Saul Alinski's "Rules for Radicals"...


But, Heck, DO go ahead and laugh about the idea that Obama would take over America's health industry, and major segments of the auto and banking industry, and CAp and Trade control of everything that is any kind of industry, and home owners (hopefully, only second-hand).


Heck translation: "haha, you pitiful fools are paranoid for suspecting Chavez will try to become a leftist dictator..."

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