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The Plain Truth about America's Energy


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If Pres Trump doesn't get re-elected - America will lose it's independence on energy. Globalist

investors would make big $$$$$$$$$$$$$, but we will be screwed. No more low prices on heat/air conditioning/etc

for you home, farms, recreation....


There’s nothing Joe Biden won’t try to undo the Trump-era energy dominance of America.

Biden will essentially put the country’s natural gas, oil, and coal industries out of business.

He will tax everyday people like you and me on any energy we use that’s generated from those sources — as almost two-thirds of our electricity is right now. 

And he’s already committed to rescind the permit for the Keystone Pipeline.

Combined, these are bad signs for how Biden would treat other American energy infrastructure projects at a time when that work is needed most.

Although America’s energy production is booming under President Trump, the green left’s interference means our country still has critical infrastructure shortages in some regions. 

That’s because radical environmentalists have filed expensive, time-consuming lawsuits, while in other states, misguided governors supportive of the green left have undermined or stopped their states’ energy projects.

The northeast, for example, moves natural gas by truck and rail in a chilled, liquified form rather than the cheaper, more efficient, and less polluting shipment by pipeline. 

Even worse, Massachusetts has had to rely on imports from a Russian company that the Obama Administration sanctioned … while the Marcellus Shale in nearby Pennsylvania continues to produce abundant, affordable natural gas in America.

Biden’s proposed polices would make these challenges worse because he would make it more difficult for energy producers to get federal permits for key infrastructure projects like pipelines.

He wouldn’t have to outright cancel projects to cause damage to America’s energy producers either.

Regulatory uncertainty, which is the fancy term for not knowing how a government agency will rule or respond, has real consequences. In early July, the Atlantic Coast Pipeline was canceled, and the companies leading it cited “the legal uncertainties facing the project.”

That means, even without direct action, Biden’s overall anti-American-energy policy agenda — and the “green” legislation championed by House Democrats — could do the work of canceling American infrastructure projects for him.

Right now, Americans deserve affordable, abundant, and reliable energy and our nation needs energy security and economic growth. 

You and I have seen our energy producers in the natural gas, oil, and coal industries deliver on those promises, and you and I can tell that Biden’s policies will fall short.




Tom Pyle


American Energy Alliance


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