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Comrade Putin announces Russia has the COVID-19 vaccine and his daughter has taken it

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Putin now has a Trojan Horse for the world and specifically the USA.

1. For the world he can take that technology stolen from the West and pander it as his gift to the world to improve Russian standing to include getting back into the G 7.

2. He can give Donnie the Narcissist full credit for a "deal" that Donnie will announce, thus saving his Helsinki Hussy from sure defeat.

And here is my opinion on that. If it saves the world and the US from millions of deaths, then pull it in past Donnie's walls and use it. 4 more years may not sink this country even though it will will take decades to recover our alliances and our world standing. Hopefully Americans see past the ploy and vote him out anyway since he is responsible for how deeply we got into this COVID mess.

1 hour ago, DieHardBrownsFan said:

Putin is a smart guy. This is how you play chess with checkered history Donnie.🎯

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Please, don't spout off anymore about other people having conspiracy theories. Nobody here blamed your obaMao commie for HINI.

of course, we don't do that crap and, but because it's leftwing politically expedient, here we are.

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