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Hidin Biden and Kamoola _ say they will demand all governors institute a MANDATE to always wear a mask outside


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I suppose, if  you don't, it will be like the socialist mandate to have insurance - they will "tax" you if you don't comply with their power they will take.

and they will raise taxes even MORE to subsidize free masks. "bidenmasks" like "obamaophones".

Free! vote for me, Joe Hidin Biden !


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the truth is, liberals emotionally desperately need to control others.

they tend...to flock to authority careers. Teaching, law, they flock to "leadership" (and control) in home owners associations...

coaching, management positions, pta, some churches.... pastors/priests whatever. Politics....military....different organizations....

they have this sick need to tell other people what to do. They NEED personal power, and validate it by controlling other people.

They aren't wired to just mind their own freaking business.


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