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College students shocked to hear 'Biden' student loan plan is really Trump's: 'I hate him, but that's a start'


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College students told a Campus Reform correspondent they approved of President Trump's recent executive actions deferring student loan payments and payroll tax collection -- believing that such moves were being touted by presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

One student told Eduardo Neret that deferring student loan payments "sounds like a good idea," while another called it "amazing."

"I hope he actually goes through with it," a student said, adding that she hoped "Biden" wasn't simply posturing ahead of an election.

"If I had student loans ... that would help me a lot," another said.

Responses varied after Neret revealed the deferrals were ordered by Trump as part of a series of coronavirus relief executive actions last weekend.

"He does seem to want to be helping the economy with [those] two measures," one student responded.

"I hate Trump, but that's a good start," another young woman said.

Another student said she also doesn't like the incumbent: "o, it's shocking that he did that."

"I'm really not all about President Trump, but the part of funding schools to giving us money while in this crisis ... it did help," she added.

For his part, Biden on Thursday called on the government to mandate all Americans wear masks in public for "at least the next three months."

"It's not about your rights, it's about your responsibilities," he said.

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