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Saving black lives in Portland.


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The fact that this is currently going on in our country and hasn't been met with force - deadly when needed, to restore order is a microcosm of everything that is wrong with the far left side (not average democrats).

We are rapidly becoming a 3rd world nation and I fear what the ultimate conclusion is going to be... It's either going to keep spreading over the country like the fungus it is, or it is going to be met by force when the vast majority has finally had enough.

Either way, we all lose. 

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This is what happens when you let teenagers/young adults take over a "movement".  There is no real point anymore, just an outlet for unprovoked aggression. 

Honestly, this IS the voting block that will decide the election.  If they can be bothered to vote, you're getting Biden.

These kids are never going to get what they want, out of him either.  "Justice for my brothers and sisters" means what exactly?  Fuck due process, let's pull people out of their cars and kick them in the face?  Burn business that bring revenue and supplies to the communities?  How in the hell do you draw up legislation that results in zero black deaths, that isn't at least unintentionally racist? 

The future is dumb.

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