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Biden quotes Mao - dems praise communist china


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that is because they seek unlimited power, and the power to STAY in power, regardless of elections.

all sorts of dems have praised castro, etc.


"This is actually the second time Biden has used Mao’s quote, as Biden also used the phrase in July during a campaign event held online where he said “we’ve got to get real economic relief into women’s hands now,” and added that “women hold up half the sky.”

If Trump were directly quoting someone like Hitler there would be media coverage around the clock, speculation from talking heads, panels with “historical experts” and every other sign during the subsequent marches would feature photoshops of Trump with Hitler’s mustache and swoopy emo hairdo.

The fact that this isn’t happening for Biden’s quoting of Mao is what makes this so concerning. Again, Mao killed around 45 million people with a cruel system that the current Democrat party is openly cheering for as of this writing. The phrase Mao used and Biden is quoting is flowery language meant to seduce voters into believing that those who do support this hard-left kind of system will have women’s best interests in mind.

There are quite a few dead women who would like to have a word…if they could.

Communism is pure evil and the people who instituted it are the drivers of said evil. These evil people are still worshiped today, especially in China, which the Democrat party has been very soft on, even sometimes to the point of being defensive about them…even to the point of being complimentary sometimes.

(Slipping Veil: China Gets Praise From Democrats During a Senate Judiciary Committee Meeting)

Being this friendly with a communist nation and quoting their most notorious leaders isn’t a good sign about the Democrats and their intentions for America."


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