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Tears for Kayla


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The parents of Kayla spoke at the RNC. She was a very smart, wonderful American young woman who went to serve

the poor overseas. She was asked to assist at a hospital and camp just across the border to Syria, but their caravan

got hijacked by the notorious al-bakdadi sp?

    They tortured and raped her for eighteen months. Early on, her parents pleaded with ObaMao and biden for help.

obamao and biden refused to even meet with them.

We elected President Trump, and he sent a Special Operation team, but she had died.

That is extremely sick cowardice born out of profound self-serving political expediency.

   they didn't want to admit they should do something.

Tears came to my eyes as her parents told the story about Kayla at the RNC.

    If Pres Trump had been president months earlier, Kayla would have been able to get back home to her parents.

Just a heartbreak.


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 So many wonderful stories, every background...inspiring...and sad, like Kayla's story.

But this one....if any of us had her as a friend/relative....and obaMao and biden did nothing................eighteen months....

it would hit so close to home - that politics was their "god", and that men like JFK, Reagan, Bush W., Pres Trump...

would have ordered a rescue mission and brought her home. This one still gets to me.

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