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The dems are big windbags - and cost us taxpayers 40 billion


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If it were a good idea, they wouldn’t need our money to make it happen.

But don’t expect the green left — or Big Green Inc. — to agree with you. They don’t want anything getting in the way of the taxpayer-funded handouts that special interests like the wind industry enjoy.

For nearly 30 years, Big Wind has reaped the benefits of the wind production tax credit (PTC), a once-temporary program that’s been extended again … and again … and again.

Now radical Democrats like Nancy Pelosi and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) want to give their friends in Big Wind even more taxpayer dollars … all while our country and our economy are struggling to recover from the coronavirus pandemic.

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Send a message to Congress right now to tell them to STOP wind welfare! It’s time to end, not extend, House Democrats’ taxpayer-funded handouts to the wind industry.

Big Wind likes to tell Americans that they’re out-competing other forms of electricity, which are generated from affordable, abundant sources like natural gas, oil, and coal. But they won’t stop lobbying Congress for yet another round of handouts funded by hardworking taxpayers like you and me. 

If wind power made sense, the free market would support it without the need for special favors like the wind PTC and state renewable energy mandates.

Instead, the wind PTC — which Big Wind lobbies for and radical Democrats happily vote for — coddles a politically connected industry while taxpayers like you and me foot the bill.

As a result, we have higher energy prices … a less efficient and productive energy market … and economically unsustainable strains on our power grid … all while we taxpayers pay $40.12 billion to fund the PTC!

Big Wind has benefited from special handouts funded by hardworking taxpayers for nearly 30 years, but now Pelosi, AOC, and House Democrats want to give them even more.

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"Big Wind"... Lol

Ignoring the fact it's hilarious when you post spam emails...


Is it a right wing thing to fall for these groups and thinking they're actual experts or unbiased? Just throwing an official sounding name on there and then easily convincing you. Making you think there's more "expert" support? 

They're a right wing think tank that's taken funding from oil companies. You think they're actually unbiased here?


I don't know if this is wide spread conservative problem or just on here


It's like the facts / science don't support you, so you just make your own "experts" and groups to create the illusion of expertise. 



It's the most transparent shit and you fall for it every time...

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bitch chirp, chirp bitch, make an ass out of yourself again, woodpecker.

please grow up and learn to do your own research on the internet, birdette.

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May 10, 2013 · Wind power is an expensive, intermittent and limited energy source that degrades the environment, kills birds, affects the local weather but does nothing to improve global climate. It should be paid for by those who want it, not by captive taxpayers or electricity consumers.

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Nov 13, 2015 · My Times article on wind power is below. An astonishingly poor attack on the article was made in The Guardian by Mark Lynas. He failed to address all the main points I made: he failed to challenge the argument that wind power has not cut emissions, failed to challenge the argument that wind power has raised the cost of electricity, he failed to challenge my argument that wind speeds …

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The reason wind power is failing to deliver significant reductions in CO2 emissions is that wind power is intermittent. It can reliably produce electricity only about 50 percent of the time.

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