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Bill and Ted face the music

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Bill and Ted face the music
PG 13                             88 min
Over the last three decades I spend a lot of time bashing the accomplishments of Keanu Reeves.  As this miserable year 2020 drags on and so many Hollywood celebrities spewing hatred it occurred to me that I have never heard a single insider say that Reeves was anything other than one of the nicest guys they’ve ever worked with. And to maintain that kind of reputation for nearly 30 years in Tinseltown is, and I quote, most excellent dude. The first Bill and Ted movie was 1989 with the successful sequel Bogus Journey in 1991. That put KR on the A-list and he’s been there ever since. 
That being said BILL AND TED FACE THE MUSIC is one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen, but for some reason, unlike a lot of bad movies, I didn’t hate it. Just keep in mind at the original EXCELLENT ADVENTURE was a hit because it was stupid and like the old saying "Dance with who brung ya.” 
So here’s the hook. Bill and Ted’s (Alex Winter) rock and roll band The Wild Stallions have fallen on hard times. Neither of them have ever worked a day in their lives and despite the adoration of their two daughters (Who are female clones of their dads)  are faced with crumbling marriages. By the way Brigette Lundy Paine as the daughter of Ted, is truly a hoot. Mimicking the facial expressions voice and body language of Ted is is one of the best examples of physical comedy I’ve seen in a while.  Enter the Masters of the time-space Universe whatever who send an emissary to give our heroes some dire news. If they don’t write a song that will bring the world together the entire place will be destroyed. So it’s back to the time machine telephone booth to visit their futuristic selves at a few different chronological locations to figure out what that might be. Meanwhile the daughters have also picked up the knack of time travel and are searching the historical landscape to put together a supergroup which will include, among others, Jimi Hendrix Louis Armstrong and Mozart. All the while they’re being chased by a overly sensitive killer robot named Dennis. 
Let’s admit it gang nothing really makes a lot of sense but neither did the original and that one, like it or not, was an actual landmark of American cinema.
So bottom line if there’s no nostalgia involved for you, you might just hate this one. As for myself? There’s nothing evil or nasty or overbearing here at all, just some stupid, not very funny, but good-natured humor. Your mileage may vary but…
Ps shout out to another of my favorite movie houses the Chagrin Cinema nice people, comfortable seating and a cool nostalgic vibe. It’s one of the Cleveland Cinemas chain who often have some eclectic films that are hard to find in the more mainstream theaters. And they have Diet dr. Pepper.


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