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Despite TDS lies, the dems plan to declare war on our 2nd Amendment


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Have to love our elected President Trump and VP Pence.

THEY respect our AMERICAN rights - GOD-GIVEN.




The official DNC platform, adopted...at the Party's virtual convention, dedicates a section of its 80-pages to "Ending the Epidemic of Gun Violence."

As outlined in the document, Democrats plan to:

  • Ban the manufacture and sale of "assault weapons" and "high capacity" magazines.
  • End online sales of guns and ammunition.
  • Ensure the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention "have sufficient resources to study gun violence as a public health issue."
  • Enact universal background checks.
  • Expand the definition of who can lose their gun rights due to misdemeanor domestic violence charges. 
  • Halt the safety valve that allows would-be gun buyers to receive a firearm after a background check has stalled out for more than three days. 
  • Enact mandatory gun lock laws. 
  • Push for states to enact licensing requirements for owning firearms. 
  • Push for more "red flag" gun seizure laws which have become increasingly popular in blue states.
  • Prioritize repealing the law that shields gun manufacturers from frivolous lawsuits.

"Presumed Democratic presidential nominee, Joe Biden, called the firearm industry 'the enemy' from the debate stage one year ago," said Larry Keane, senior vice president for government and public affairs, assistant secretary and general counsel to the National Shooting Sports Foundation. "Now, the rest of the party plans to follow him in that announcement with the Democratic Platform that lays out an agenda to dismantle the firearm and ammunition industry and destroy Second Amendment rights in America."



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