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Cleveland Browns Report: Camp Special


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It's another STO Browns show. Zach Jackson is the host. It's not quite as opinionated as the Donovan hosted show, since it's produced by the Browns.


- Show starts with general "our WR's are competing and the rookies are impressing" stuff. Only tidbit was, "they are, kind of like James Davis is". Another J.D. reference out of context. This guy is soooo on the radar.


- Rob Ryan mentions Brian Cox is "the best leader I've ever been around".


- Brian Cox says he believes "you have to have a big DL, and we're big. This is big man's line. We're going to come to work every day, bring our lunch pail, and we're going to be violent. That's no prediction, it's what we're going to do".


- Shawn Rogers "Cox is known as a bully, but you need that". The clips show Rogers slipping into the backfield VERY quickly, putting Jamal on his back, then lifting him back to his feet and patting him on the head. All effortless. Wow.


- The defense will feature a very active 3-4 with a lot of movement before the snap.


- Mangini is hoping a lot of Browns fans show up on Sunday so the new guys can understand how passionate the Browns fans are.


It's a pretty light weight show, but had a few good quotes.

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