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The left's war on Christianity takes legal form = "Equality Act"


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everything the emotional knee jerk haters do, is a trojan horse.

they misuse words for dramatic effect, and use anything else at their

availability to use as a political weapon. They call it something "noble".

Then they go through the corrupt motions of deceit - just to get more and more power.


Deceptively Titled 'Equality Act' Would Be Giant Step to Destroying Religious Freedom

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like labeling anything that gets in their way - "hate speech".


Lay Off, Law-Breakers: Instagram Will Now Police Your Direct Messages for Hate, and They've Already Involved the Cops

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"great society"..... "no child left behind"..... "global warming (oops) we mean er...."climate change"....... "universal healthcare/obaMaocare"......."common core"........."social justice".......... "hate speech"......."instigation of violence"......etc etc etc etc.

antifa/blm can burn down cities, murder innocent Americans and police, but they have the left's support.

let one thing happen one time during a Pres Trump support rally...and suddenly "domestic terrorism" and "insurrection" comes into play.

"impeachment" ..."investigations"......were all fake. fake evidence, fake witnesses, lies by omission to the FISA court...

higgardly clinton deleting 30,000 SUBPOENAED EMAILS AND SERVER AND PHONES (destroyed)...

can you imagine if any republican did that?

It's about power and control. That is why the law doesn't apply to THEM. It's for THEIR USE.

and because of the bought and owned msm, and all the little leftwing hate groupies - who

crave special membership in the msm popularized hate group - it gets worse and worse.


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