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Jags to Pick Fields #1

The Gipper

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Report in from ESPN:    Urban Meyer, who recruited him to OSU  from Georgia  has apparently decided to select   Justin Fields #1 in the draft,   bypassing the chance to take  Trevor Lawrence.  It seems Urban was looking for an opening to show his loyalty to  his past,  his recent school, his recruit and his former assistant.    Fields performance in the Pro Day a couple of  days ago gave him the justification to make this move

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14 minutes ago, The Gipper said:

the operative terms

Don't say that word.  Arthroscopic knee surgery tomorrow.  :(

You know that teams will be trying to find out if that's true.  QB teams will then want to know what the Jets plans are.  Will they take the QB?  Will they trade Darnold?  Will they not take the QB and go with Darnold?

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