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Data Points

The Gipper

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Some Data points  (trivia)  about the upcoming draft:

1.  Trevor Lawrence will be the first player from Clemson ever taken with the #1 overall pick   (assuming the obvious and that he will be the choice)

2.  This will be the first time that the  Jacksonville Jaguars  have the #1 overall pick in their history.   Note....when the  Jags and Panthers entered the league in 1995, neither of those teams was given the #1 pick.

3.  Assuming the Browns stay at the #26 pick...and we can't assume that,   this will be the  5th time in history they have had the #26 overall pick.   Previous  #26 picks:

1950  Jim Martin OG

1951 Bucky Curtis  WR

1952 Don Klosterman  QB

1964  Billy Truax  TE

4.  It is presumed also that with that  #26 pick the Browns will take a Defensive player.   Here are the last players the Browns took at each defensive position in round one:

DE:  Myles Garrett

DT:   Danny Shelton

LB:  Barkevious Mingo

CB:  Denzel Ward

S:  Jabrill Peppers

5.  And just in case you were wondering,  here are the names for the Offensive positions in round  one:

QB:  Baker Mayfield

RB:  Trent Richardson

WR:  Corey Coleman

TE:  David Njoku

OL:  Jedrick Wills

6.  And, finally, by one particular metric,   the following represent the Best Dozen Players the Browns have ever drafted in their history:

Dick Schafrath,   Jim Brown,  Paul Warfield,  Gene Hickerson, Jim Marshall,  Walt Sweeny,  Willie Davis, Clay Matthews,  Henry Jordan,  Dick LeBeau,  Joe Thomas    (next two:  Bobby Mitchell/Leroy Kelly) 


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Also.....FYI......the Browns have not drafted this low..#26... in the first round....using their own  pick  since  1980  when they selected Charles White with the #30 pick.    The ordering of draft selections was different then,  so they had the #30 pick. 

They have had some picks in the first round that were lower than #26,  but those were trades:    1994  took WR Derrick Alexander #29,  but also had the #9 pick that year;     1995 had the #30 pick but that was a trade with San Francisco. Took Craig Powell.     2017  had #29  in a trade.....took Njoku...but they also had  #1 that year...Garrett, and #25...Peppers. 

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