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Who's In Who's Out in the QB Trade Sweepstakes

The Gipper

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We now have  2   major  QB names  who  are  demanding  trades:   Aaron Rodgers and  DeShaun Watson;   plus we have Russell Wilson  who has said he will accept a trade.   So what teams are in and which ones are out  if a trade for these guys could even be done?  Of course,  with Round one done,  that means a huge opportunity to make a trade of a first round pick this year is gone for some teams,  and others went with the QB of the future.  

First, I am saying that Wilson is going nowhere.  The Seahawks are keeping him...and though they have not yet made a pick in the draft, I would expect them to provide Wilson some OL help in rounds  2-3

Then, look at  the  teams   who I say are OUT of the running

SFO....now Out.   They took Lance  #3 overall

Rams and Chargers,  Arizon ....they got their guys with  Stafford ,  Herbert and Murray

Cowboys....got  Dak

Vikings....assume for now they are good with  Cousins


Bears...out  now they took  Fields

Colts....Wentz is their man

Browns/Bengals.....got their guys with Baker and  Burrow

Titans...content with  Tannehill

Jags and  Bucs.....not  now

Panthers....seemingly in on  Darnold

Baltimore...sticking with Jackson

Jets/Giants/Bills....they have their young QBs in place.

Pats...no longer with drafting of Mac Jones.

So, who could be in the Hunt:

Denver Broncos......definitely....they are NOT going to stand pat with  Lock and Bridgewater

Raiders....still possible I think even with  vote of confidence given to  Carr

Lions.....are they really sold on Goff?

Saints.    They would dump both HIll and Winston in a  New Orleans minute for the right deal

Falcons:   Again, for right deal I think they would move on from Ryan

Miami....same story....not  100% sold on  Tua

Washington....absolutely in the mix...they need someone now

Pittsburgh.   Should be, but can't be,  no assets/cap room

Eagles.   Would obviously move on from Hurts for Watson

What would it take  for any of these 9 teams  to make a trade for  Rodgers/Watson successful?    I think it would take more to get Watson....just because of the age factor. 

Of course,  there are two teams I have not mentioned:    Green Bay and  Houston.  Maybe they could just swap QBs. 


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