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More damage done in the left's 100 days than 8 years of buttock obaMao

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sad. the left craves control.

make America have crisis after crisis


It’s been 100 days since President Joe Biden signed the executive order killing the Keystone Pipeline. There are still no “green” jobs for those union workers who were laid off.


When President Biden rescinded the Keystone permits to win favor with the green left, approximately 11,000 jobs with an estimated $800 million in wages for 2021 were soon lost.


The numbers are disturbing — but the personal stories will hit you even worse.


At the time, Fox News highlighted a 46-year-old welding foreman, a member of Pipeliners Local Union 798, who “admitted to breaking down and crying in his truck after laying off his team.”


Later, in a local TV interview, he explained, “The president, it was easy for him. He just signed a piece of paper. I got to go look at these people in their faces and tell them they don’t have a job anymore. That's hard to do.”


And the response from the Biden White House? Jaw-droppingly bad.


John Kerry, the Biden “climate czar,” said workers in natural gas, oil, and coal who lost their jobs due to his boss’ extreme political agenda could now have “better choices” and “can be the people to go to work to make the solar panels.”


It was a Kerry trifecta: condescending; dismissive of the work, training, and knowledge of skilled union workers; and absolutely wrong. According to the Washington Post, there will be just 12,000 new solar installer jobs in the next 10 years, bringing the industry total from 6,100 to 18,100.


Sadly, this is no surprise. President Biden has shown he cares more about radical ideologues and politically connected special interests than he does about hardworking Americans.


In just 100 days in office, President Biden has destroyed approximately 11,000 good-paying jobs on the Keystone Pipeline … forced America to rejoin the Paris Agreement, putting U.N. bureaucrats in charge of our country’s future … and done all he can to put us on a path to skyrocketing energy costs, loss of our energy independence, and increased dependence on often-hostile foreign regimes, like China, Russia, and Saudi Arabia.


But Mike, in those same 100 days, YOU have taken action as a pro-American energy activist too — and you speaking up in support of our pro-America energy agenda is more important now than ever.


The future of American workers, of American prosperity, economic growth, and way of living, and of America’s ability to lead as an energy-producing global superpower are all on the line.


We can’t give up the fight and, if we stick with it and work together through the American Energy Alliance, I know that we’ll win.


Thank you for your support of the American Energy Alliance. Together we can make sure our future remains bright.


Tom Pyle

American Energy Alliance

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