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Get vaccinated you dipshits

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8 hours ago, MLD Woody said:

stop raging over the manufactured culture war your side has you all riled up over for one second and get vaccinated

 Even though he has presented this in something of an assholish way I agree with the woodpecker here. I maintain that masks and social distancing are pretty much bullshit but for fuck's sake just get the vaccine. The risk of getting really sick from Covid is miniscule but the risk of getting sick from the vaccine is whatever 0.001% of minuscule is.


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Woody has apparently not considered that its not a party line thing. There's a fair amount of Democrats who also aren't getting vaccinated they're simply not being so loud about it. 


But apparently midget moussolini, Mike dewine has offered to lift his arbitrary bullshit virtue signal mandates if some other arbitrary number of people get the shot so I encourage everyone to do so. 

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15 minutes ago, DieHardBrownsFan said:

I'm not getting Bill Gates chip injected into me.  Or be owned by him and the Pentagon!😨

You already pay for the privilege of being tracked by the tech giants who, undoubtedly, cough up that information freely to big brother. 

Kind of a silly argument. 

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