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"Most improved secondary" ! BROWNS


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When was the last time that happened? never. Getting some respect.

The defensive line part surprised me. Although, I was elated that we got Tommy Tolgiai - I pick him

as possibly the biggest surprise during the season.


PFF Names Browns Secondary Among Most Improved Groups

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Let's hope so.     Ward needs to stay healthy.   Greedy and Delpit need to get healthy.  The former Rams, Johnson and Hill need to reward the faith this team put into signing them.   Newsome needs to perform like a first round pick....like, say, Joe Haden in his prime.   Redwine and LeCounte need to show they can contribute in their backup roles.   Ronnie Harrison...needs to do his best.  

Someone will probably disappoint,  either by injury or just not being that guy.   But let's hope that "one" is the operative term....not "many". 

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I'd still add a savvy Vet" to the DB group, not named Sherman 🤩..

leaning more towards the group of 29 year old's, mold types of Bashaud Breeland or maybe even Tre Boston? 🤔..both still can be had..

Younger Gareon Conley & Malik Hooker are still out there too.. It's just that a poor Injury history background is not something these Browns should be considering...But they HAVE!  🙃

stay tuned...It's going to be the longest of off season's before a single sole gets cut... Not to mention the numerous Crazy rumors of _____  ________ ?  wants out/more money/fire this guy. yada/yada/yada...

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One of the best units if Ward plays all 17.

If he’s out you shuffle everyone up a step and maybe out of their comfort zone.

Keep in mind this is a Redshirt year for Delpit...going to have highs and lows...Learning and recovering from the Achilles. 


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