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Get this - ObaMao commie's people PRAISING MAO !

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it's what obaMao acted like, so I nicknamed him "ObaMAO" for good reason.


BLM Leader Patrisse Cullors Video Talks Mao in Troubling Video



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another one of obaMAO's people:

Teacher Praises the Cultural Revolution - The New York Times


Apr 30, 1971 · Teacher Praises the Cultural Revolution. By Tillman Durdin Special to The New York Times ... Classes were suspended as students became Chairman Mao Tse‐tung's spearhead in at tacking individuals ...

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NY Times Praises Communist Tyrant Mao Zedong as “One of History’s Great Revolutionary Figures” …Then Deletes it After Uproar

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it's MAO kind of power the left in America craves. They demand it.

and apparently, they will do ANYTHING ? to get it and keep it.

undermining America from the inside opens the door to corrupt globalist financiers and communist corrupt countries to take over the global economy.

and all the power to oppress millions/trillions of people around the world.

America has always been the "Beacon of FREEDOM" all over the world.

that is why they work against us being successful - their time in short.

Anyways, this is an EXCELLENT read - from a woman who used to be one of Mao's red guards.

look at the obaMao commie leftwing in America, and count up the similarities you find:




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Why is anyone surprised... This is total horseshit... We need to stand up for what is ours!

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