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ObaMao commie has biden using the IRS as a political weapon against Americans again

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going to ramp up the IRS ability to do many, many audits.

and guess who gets who will be targeted.

Anyone and any group that dares to cross their "red line" and doesn't agree with them, runs against them, or stands

for what they are not liking.


Joe Biden Just Activated The IRS To Go After Taxpayers – The President Plans To Empower Tax Men To Do More Audits

(The Red Line is a single-party state ruled by the Communist Party of the Moscow Underground and its General Secretary, Maxim Moskvin. )

there was far more to my coining "ObaMao" than most folks were aware.

as I've posted elsewhere...obaMao commie people PRAISING mao?

they crave that much power. That is why.



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