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Thanks Demented Joe

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Every single vote against President Trump and America First...is a vote to continue this, and make it happen more and more and more and ...

blood and despair on their hands.


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Illegal Alien Charged With Sexually Assaulting 11-Year-Old Girl He Met On Facebook NEW PORT RICHEY, FL – On April 12, Hillsborough County sheriff's deputies found an 11-year-old girl at a residence located in the 200...

Crime committed by undocumented aliens is a real issue


© iStock Crime committed by undocumented aliens is a real issue According to an article in Scientific American, immigration-crime research over the past 20 years has corroborated the conclusions of...

Serious Crimes Committed by Illegal Aliens | FAIRus.org


March 2016 — Juan Razo, a Mexican illegal alien living in Painesville, Ohio, agreed to plead guilty to a crime spree that included the shooting death of a 60-year old woman, attempted rape of a 14-year old girl, kidnapping and burglary. His plea was to avoid the death penalty and accept a life sentence.

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11 minutes ago, Kvoethe said:

I hate dislike our cauliflower in chief as much as anyone, but I dont see the connection on the hit and run.

True. unless it was a deliberate racial hate crime or a case of DUI illegal....

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the left's brownshirts, illegals/gangs would be the only gun owners if biden's handlers (obaMao commie and co.) have their way.


Portland man hospitalized after armed standoff with militant leftists: 'I stood my ground and I would do it all over again'

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The left's war on America and all of us is in full revenge mode after we elected our EXCELLENT for AMERICA president, President TRUMP


NYC veterans vow to sue city if Memorial Day parade is barred, point out Black Lives Matter protests and cannabis event were permitted: 'Slap in the face'


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