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Oscar post mortem

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Oscar post mortem


I read a story and USA Today complaining about the ending of the 2021 Oscar presentation. In this article the writer claimed that Hollywood has lost ten of billion dollars due to the lack of diversity.   The 1st thought that came to my mind was “Are you people out of your minds?"   The 2021 Academy awards or undoubtedly the most minority oriented in history and at the same time posted the lowest Nielsen rating in recent memory.  I sometimes love depressing movies, as long as they’re well done but most people prefer entertainment. That's why KONG VERSUS GODZILLA is the biggest grossing flick of the year so far. Less than 10 million people tuned in, and I am frankly surprised it was that many. I admit that the Covid panic has contributed to that loss in a huge way. Less movies and nowhere to go watch them can't make it any better for movie producers.  As for the complaining we heard the next day about the ceremony it didn't bother me too much that they saved best actress and actor for the end. Don't misunderstand, I still prefer best picture closing the show but there trying to bank on some star power to keep the few people watching. I'm not sure Frances McDormand and Anthony Hopkins are dazzling enough for that but what the heck. On top of that Hopkins didn't even show up out of Covid concerns or maybe he thought the ceremony would be too damn boring like everybody else.  I guess the thing that bothered me most was all the bitter headlines the next day complaining the Chadwick Boseman didn’t win best actor. I didn’t see MA RAINEY ’S BLACK BOTTOM and I have no reason to think he didn’t do a respectable job but come, everybody in the category did but Still Hopkins is a veteran and this is one of the best performances of his career. Thankfully there were no sour grapes from Boseman's family  they handled it all with class..

 As for the rest of the winners …

Best Song:  Fight for you Jason Derulo. I listened to all the nominees and didn't care about any of them, least of which this one.

 Supporting actress: Young Yuh-jung MINARI.  Don’t get me started

 Supporting Actor: Daniel Kaluuya JUDAS AND THE BLACK MESSIAH   One above average aspect of a bad movie.

 Best director Chloe Zhao NOMADLAND   I would have preferred Florian Zeller for THE FATHER, I thought it was a lot more directorial work, but alas not even a nomination.

 Best actress: Frances McDormand for NOMADLAND.  Good choice

 Best Actor: Anthony Hopkins THE FATHER. Another good choice.

 Best picture: NOMADLAND Even with some questionable accuracy still outstanding in a weak field though THE FATHER was a depressing masterpiece and TRIALS of the CHICAGO 7 was at least entertaining, though Sorkin really wanted to preach.

See you at Sadri’s




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