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Weak-minded coward biden doing nothing about russian hackers ransomware attack on pipeline


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russia has been working for years to own the globe's oil transportation. They fought a war over it.

now, it's serious.

and everyone who voted against Pres Trump and America First is responsible for this crisis, too.

   who remembers jimmy peanutbrain carter's gas lines?

well, biden is mentally unfit to be president, only far worse so.

America is heading down a very bad road, folks. Might want to buy some gas for later.....



Biden WH Response on Paying Ransom for Pipeline Attack Is More Than a Little Concerning


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and food. water. medicine. Skyrocketing gas prices will kick in inflation like we've never seen before, because

this corrupt wh and commie democrats are going full bore Cloward-Piven, and their leftwing political energy hitjobs are going to help.

   Add in the enormous costs of funding illegals' entire lives for their dependent communist democrat votes....

isn't going to end well maybe.

Could? be despair all over our country.

    Unless history doesn't repeat itself. That would be wonderful.

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