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President ripped by both Dems, GOP as Mideast violence escalates


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I said it before- they will strike while we are weak, divided, and have turds elected to our WH and dem/fascist lefties into congress.


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too bad for Israel and the rest of the decent world.

for four years the nasty mouthpieces trashed Pres Trump for the

color of his skin, and adopted the lies because they were manipulated

by the msm.

   It was "cool" to hate the president that put AMERICA FIRST.

I asked a hater once, she kept saying "his mean tweets, I can't stand them" .... to name one.

Just like Hoorta and his little woodpecker, and Tex... she couldn't.

because of their stupidass emotional knee jerk votes, this was bound to happen with a completely

unfit screwball president and vice president.

The guilt is theirs, and yes, the blood is on their hands, along with all the despair the left

is causing within our own country.


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23 minutes ago, Canton Dawg said:

I hope someone can read it to him.

sad part is, he wouldn't understand it if they did....

they'll be like:


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