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Guess who wins under biden's corrupt energy screw ups?


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There is one big winner from President Biden’s misguided and damaging anti-energy policies. Can you guess who it is?


It’s not American workers. It’s been more than 100 days since President Biden signed the executive order to kill the Keystone Pipeline, and there are still no “green” jobs for those union workers who were laid off.


It’s not American taxpayers. Thanks to congressional Democrats’ legislative giveaways, our hard-earned tax dollars enrich the politically connected special interests of Big Green, Inc. Last March, Speaker Nancy Pelosi even shamefully held up emergency coronavirus relief legislation for three days in an attempt to hold America hostage for the sake of the Green New Deal.


It’s not American families. The Biden plan to electrify everything (yes, it’s as absurd as it sounds) will drive up energy costs while reducing the stability and reliability of our power grid. That makes the rolling blackouts of California in 2020 and Texas in 2021 a preview of what’s to come across the country.


Instead, the big winner from President Biden’s anti-energy plan is … China.




President Biden wants to power down America’s energy boom. In 2019, we became energy independent for the first time in more than 60 years — and now the Biden Administration wants to unilaterally give up our hard-won status as an energy-producing superpower and rely on often-hostile foreign regimes like Russia, China, and Saudi Arabia instead.


Yet while President Biden is shutting down the Keystone Pipeline, forcing us to re-enter the expensive and damaging Paris Agreement, and declaring war on America’s energy producers…


> China will take our spot as the world leader in oil refinery — a title we’ve held for more than 100 years. China has nearly tripled its oil refining capacity since 2000, and China is expected to complete its takeover as the top global producer in 2021. And remember: oil refining is important for gasoline and diesel fuel, but also to manufacture plastics.


> China will generate well more than half of the world’s total coal-fired power. Although the U.S. has the world’s largest supplies of coal by far, we’re taking coal offline. At the same time, China has invested more than $50 billion to build new coal plants overseas. In 2020, China generated 53% of the world’s total coal-fired power — a nine-point jump in just five years.


> China will not be forced to cut emissions — and it will keep growing instead. Right now, China is growing its economy and energy capacity thanks to natural gas, oil, and coal, which provides 86% of its primary energy consumption. China’s investments in these energy sources now will benefit their country and economy for decades to come, especially while Western countries unilaterally cut their use under the damaging Paris Agreement.


Unfortunately for all of us, the radical anti-energy ideology of President Biden and the green left has real-world consequences, both in our daily lives and in America’s standing in the world.


Given the Biden Administration plans to undermine, attack, and ultimately destroy American energy-producing projects, our work together through the American Energy Alliance is more important now than ever.


Thank you for standing with us to defend a pro-American energy agenda to fuel our freedom and our way of life. It’s going to be a tough fight, but it’s absolutely going to be worth it.


Tom Pyle

American Energy Alliance

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Thu, May 13 at 3:56 PM


Only the green left would power down America’s massive energy production … replace our hard-won energy independence with an overwhelming dependence on China … and have the nerve to tell us it’s for the good of the country.


But that’s the framework of President Joe Biden’s anti-energy policies, and that’s why China is the only country that will come out ahead if President Biden gets his way.


The next time you hear the mainstream media praising President Biden’s “green” vision, remember that his green dreams are made in China:


> China controls the supply chain for rare earth minerals. Rare earth minerals are essential to the production of “green” technology, from wind turbines to lithium ion batteries. So the more that President Biden goes green, the more dependent we are on China to access the materials to produce the renewable energy tech we need.

Right now, China has 37% of the proven reserves of rare earth minerals, produces 63% of global output, and manages approximately 85% of rare earth mineral processing capacity. Even rare earth minerals mined in the U.S. have to be shipped to China to be upgraded into compounds and products — and then get shipped back here.


> China dominates the global production of new generation batteries. For President Biden’s electrification plans to work, he’ll need modern (and massive) batteries for everything from electric vehicles to energy storage — and today, battery production is controlled by China.


Throughout the battery supply chain, from materials to refinement to production, China plays a major role, as they’ve strategically invested and built capacity at each point. It could take the U.S. 20 to 30 years to catch up with China, assuming the green left allowed us to even attempt it.


> China commands much of the global production for wind and solar power. When wind or solar power comes online in the United States, it’s first made possible by China. That’s why, as President Biden increases renewable energy production, he’s really just scaling up our dependence on China.


Today China produces nearly two-thirds of all solar panel equipment, and its control of the rare earth mineral supply chain means it has power over the access to necessary supplies for wind turbine production too.


President Biden’s promise to “build back better” only applies to the Chinese economy, as the Biden Administration will end America’s energy production boom and replace it with a new, more expensive, and less reliable system made of energy products controlled by China.


Yet President Biden, climate czar John “I need a private jet” Kerry, and the green left radicals who support them claim that they have the moral high ground on energy policy and that they’re wrecking America’s economy and energy future for our own good.

 Pro-American energy activists like you and me understand what’s really good for our country: affordable, abundant, and reliable energy, the U.S. claiming its rightful role as an energy-producing superpower, and preserving our hard-won status as an energy-independent country.


Together, you and I can make sure that we protect America’s energy future and make sure it remains bright.


Thank you for your support of the American Energy Alliance.


Tom Pyle

American Energy Alliance

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