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Even CNN accuses short-circuited biden of LYING to Americans


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Hoorta's Hero biden just got blasted by EVEN cnn.

things are bad, folks. The emotional knee jerk elitist feel special to hate Pres Trump while he did over two hundred GOOD/GREAT things for

AMERICA FIRST...their hateful ego-centrict votes have already taken their toll in only about four months. We have a totally dishonest fake as a pres of our country. and a radical moron as vp. Thanks for nothing, haters. Especially when you have never been able to name EVEN ONE good/great thing your choice has ever done FOR AMERICA in 47 years.

Like votes of the orange skin kkk or something.


CNN Just Busted President Biden – They Accuse Joe Of Making People Up Out Of Thin Air To Back His Plans


which, just to repeat this....

biden is so screwed up and arrogant, he says he can just snap his fingers and make things happen.

After a reporter asks Biden how compromise is possible with GOP, he replies, "Easy. Just snap my fingers. It will happen."

— Charlie Spiering (@charliespiering) May 12, 2021


and after he canceled our Keystone Pipeline, he says ....more money for 'education" will solve the gas shortage problem...after our other pipeline was attacked by russian hackers? Freaking heck yes America is in trouble. But the knee jerkers are completely oblivious to the damage they've done to America. Their egos and feeling good by hating ....are far too important.

"I think we have to make a greater investment into education," Joe Biden says, when asked how to solve the gas shortage problem. Says a better educated workforce would be better on cyber security.

— Charlie Spiering (@charliespiering) May 12, 2021


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