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Barbecue season

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I fucked up and didn't get a photograph but I did some ribs yesterday and I think I have my recipe down perfectly. They came out great. I used spare ribs Liberally seasoned with  Ranch steak rub from Wildtree and I used a smoking tube with Hickory pellets.  Great device at weapon bucks on Amazon.  (Fill it up get it burning on one end with a blow torch make sure that it keeps going and it will smoke for 4 or 5 hours.) I turned the back burner on to medium/low and put the ribs on the front for indirect heat and close the lid. I adjusted the flame on the Weber so I had it between 225 and 250. Smoked it from 2 until about 6. Now here's the trick. (I saw this on somebody's barbecue YouTube.) After 4 hours of smoking I wrapped the ribs in heavy foil and poured a little bit of beer in the package. Put everything back in the closed grill at the same temperature and let it go for another hour then turned off the heat and left them there. Perfectly cooked tender and juicy.  And the taste of Hickory really shone through.

 I imagine you could use any kind of rubby want. Next time I'm going to make a batch of homemade espresso rub.


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