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Just a whimsey here.   Looking at where the various multiple championship winning QBs were drafted.  Name, draft position,   number of titles won:

Otto  Graham   #  4  7 titles   (drafted by Lions in 1944,,,,all titles won with Browns)

Tom Brady   #199    7 titles

Bart Starr   # 200    5 titles

Sid Luckman  #2    4 titles

Joe Montana   #82    4 titles

Terry  Bradshaw   #1   4 titles

Troy Aikman   #1   3 titles

John Unitas   #102   3 titles   (drafted by Steelers.....titles won with Colts)

Sammy Baugh   #6    2 titles

Len Dawson   #5  2 titles  (drafted by Steelers.....titles won with Chiefs)

George Blanda  119   2 titles    (drafted by Bears....titles won with  Oilers

Jack Kemp   #203   2 titles   (drafted by  Lions,  titles with  Bills)

Roger Staubach   #129     2 titles

Bob Griese   #4    2 titles

Ben Roethlisberger   #11   2 titles

Jim Plunkett    #1   2 titles   (drafted by Patriots, titles with Raiders

John Elway  #1   2 titles   (drafted by Colts, titles with Broncos)

Eli Manning   #1   2 titles

Peyton Manning   #1   (drafted by Colts,   1 title with Colts,  1 with Broncos

Bob Waterfield   #42   2 titles

Tommy Thompson   UDFA   2 titles...with Eagles

Bobby Layne   #3   2 titles

Tobin Rote   #17   2 titles   (drafted by Packers....won  1 title with Lions and 1 with Chargers


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Breakdown of the above:

Six  #1 overall picks won 2 or more titles

Six selected between 2-10  won 2 or more titles

Four selected between  10-100 won 2 or more titles

Six selected  over  100 won  2 or more titles

One UDFA  won 2 or more titles.    (Kurt Warner came close to making it 2). 

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