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Remembering January 10, 2021

The Gipper

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Remembrances of  January 10,  2021:

The Cleveland Browns defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers   48-37

1.  The betting line:   Pittsburgh was favored by  5.0 points

2.  The over/under for the game was 47 points.    The Browns alone exceeded that figure

3. The game took   3 hours  23 minutes to play

4. Pittsburgh  committed   5 turnovers,   4 Ints and 1 fumble...on the first play of the game.   The Browns committed  -0- turnovers.

5.  The Browns had  127 rushing yards on 31 carries with 2 rushing TDs

6. The Steelers had  52 rushing yards on 16 carries with 1 TD

7.  The Browns were  21/34  with  263 yards and   3 TDs  and -0- Ints.  passing

8.  The Steelers were  47/68  with  501 yards  and 4  TDs  and 4 Ints.  passing

9. Total yards    Pitt.   had  553,   the Browns had  390

10. Time of possession:    Pitt led  32.46    to Browns  27:14

11.   Rushing:   Chubb  18 carries  for  76 yds..  -0- TDs.   Hunt  8 carries for 48 yds. and 2 TDs.     Conner had  11 carries for 37 yds. and  1 TD

12. Receiving:  Hooper had 7 catches for  46 yds.  Landry  5 catches for  92 ,  Chubb 4 catches for  69 yds.    For Pitt:   Smith-Shuster  had  13  for  157 yds.   Dionte Johnson 11/117

13. MJ Stewart and BJ Goodson for the Browns had the most tackles in the game with  10 each  (I don't know that either will be on the team this year).  Robert Spillane led Pitt with 9.

14.  Neither QB  was sacked in the game. 

15. Cody Parkey was  2-2  in FG attempts.   The Pitt. kicker was  1-1. 

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28 points is the most points scored in  the first quarter of any playoff game ever.

But here is a question I have:    Stephen A. Smith  is a well known New York honk.  Knicks/Yankees.  Which is perfectly fine since he is from NYC.   But,  why in fucking hell did he become a Steelers  FRAK Asshole?


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