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Cal They make a great side dish & possum stew

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I haven't tried those. Yeah, I know - it's Sept, haven't come here for a long while...lol.

I did dehydrate 4 lbs of green beans. The kids believed me when I told them they were dehydrated cooked grasshoppers.

They ate them ,too. lol

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May I suggest some Nuoc Mam (fish sauce) from Phan Thiet Vietnam. That stuff can make anything taste good. I lived there for part of my tour and it was considered the best

made anywhere in Asia. And believe me it helped me choke down some otherwise very untasty Vietnamese food from time to time.🤢

Suchi is the brand name and easily found on Amazon. Give it a try on rice, but treat it like you would soy sauce for it is very concentrated.

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