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New details emerge on Hunter Biden laptop emails


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yep, and sadly, those who voted against Pres Trump because the msm

manipulated their FEELINGS of GRANDEUR......won't talk about hunter or biden.

or the destructive failures in only 5 months.

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The defining state of "Journalist", is that a lot of them have copies of the contents of the Drive on this Laptop.


The problem is, they don't know what they have.


Journalist (for the most part) are just puppets, and have no critical thinking skills or ambition.

They're just content to echo the narrative they're fed and collect a Paycheck without doing anything a historical "Journalist" would do.

Even Woodward and Bernstein were a bit soft in their reporting.



Over the past few years, a real Journalist would have had innumerable block buster stories, but in actuality, it's been damn sparse.


I'm talking about stories that dwarf Watergate (too hell with who's involved), but instead we're fed BS that is 90 degrees (at best) to 180 degrees of what is actually going on.



"But I need to keep my job and feed my family"   .   .   .   I can respect that, if you're in another field, but the field you are in is too keep the Gov in check and report the truth.

You're not doing that, you are doing the opposite.




I have watched over the past several years where you (Media) have been given multiple chances to turn (change sides / turn States evidence), but still (apparently) your loyalties show to be to the alphabet agencies (one in the same in reality).


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bill clinton lied.

obaMao commie lied.

but the lefties loved them, now they won't criticize their joe biden is has always been

a liar and a fraud and a plagiarizer etc.

   who DO they HATE? the "mean tweets" Pres Trump - who did more than 200


Maybe they feel the power of being part of the hating msm.


Joe and Hunter Biden’s Closet Swings Open – Report Claims VP Biden Met with Hunter’s Business Buddies

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