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Tom Cotton Asks ATF Nominee If He Will Look Into Potential Hunter Biden Violation


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Thank God for guys like Cotton who bring this liberal crap out. This nominee for the ATF? is a partisan hack. and a turd.

"greater than a .22..." would also apply to a .22 magnum? or a .17 that travels faster than a .22? so freaking stupid. Truth is, Americans are being intimidated. Many Americans? are afraid of putting a Pres Trump sign or bumper sticker on their car for fear of vandalism. Same goes for a Pres Trump hat. Trump flag on your house? Does anybody NOT think that could up end up having your house, and your family targeted?

   Talk about the corruption in the last election - youtube and twitter will ban you?

In NY - they passed a law requiring gun licenses to own a gun. "for the public safety" ??? Know what a newspaper did? They PUBLISHED the names and addresses of those licensed/registered. That's why the left craves the chance at a national gun registry.

Just like socially ostracizing and harrassing Jews out of German society - they can disarm the people - which they did back then.

this ATF nominee is just like biden - a wimpy loser hack who will do the leftwing swamp's bidding - no matter what. Clapper and brennan were better liars and stooges.

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