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Virginia phys ed teacher suspended - refused to say boys can be girls


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Virginia Phys Ed Teacher Placed on Leave After Refusing to Say Biological Males Can Be Girls

"join the nazi party or your life and career will be ruined"

"we will assimilate you"

"KKK we don't want no black folks around here"

"Is it safe?"

"Jews must put a gold star on their clothes....."

"register all guns"

"get rid of the filibuster we loved when WE used it"

"pack the supreme court"

"carbon tax"

"agree with mmgw, 37 emotional "genders", America is bad, etc..............or your life and career will be over"

It's all about total totalitarian power - permanently.

fascism can't exist when the people are armed, so..........


NO ONE with any sense - can deny that America is being damaged, and subverted into obedience.

"1984", "Ayn Rand"..........that is where we are pointed. But we are still plenty far enough away for many with their eyes shut and who ignore history..........to ignore it.

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