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Maher on education

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Of course this guy is what he is but this is a valid idea.

 So assuming that a degree from XXX influence high influence school is a lot better than XXX community college  How long will it be before some folks start demanding free tuition all the way through Harvard Yale et cetera?

 And at what point is K through 16 no better than K through 12 is today?


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As someone who's been in academia for almost two decades, I can say unequivocally that it is mostly a racket. There's a handful of people that the college system will benefit, myself included,  but we are a very tiny slice of the pie. I'm looking forward to watching the higher education bubble burst before I die. 

If you want to talk about actually fixing it, then step one is to eliminate federal student loans. As it stands now, the caps on what you're allowed to borrow from Uncle Sam may as well be infinite. Knowing that the American taxpayer is going to pay out these loans, these unscrupulous fuckers running American colleges have increased tuition far beyond the cost of inflation over the past half century. 

Take a look at this example, back in 2013, the University of Wisconsin system was getting bashed by politicians for pleading poverty and raising tuition while sitting on a $393 million endowment. The president of the UW system defended himself by pointing out that Illinois and Minnesota had more money in their reserves. The people running this shit got theirs and don't give a fuck what happens to the people they've fucked over.

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