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Spiral Saw reviews

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Spiral Saw


R.        93 min



A friend of mine was bellyaching recently, that since I didn't seem to like super hero movies why did I spend time complaining about them?  That's not the case at all, I love superhero movies I just hate bad ones and there are way too many bad ones. (Frankly that goes for any kind of movie) That’s especially true for horror movies. There are some truly great and innovative horror movies but unfortunately there are thousands of terrible ones. Don’t get me wrong it seems there’s always a market for them no matter how bad they are; some people enjoy the fact that they are so bad that they are funny some just like to go see blood-and-guts….

 Anyhow I thought the SAW franchise was pretty damn clever when it came out decades ago.  Certainly, the idea was to gross the audience out but there were some clever puzzles and reasons for the puzzles intertwined in the 1st few films. Then like so many things sort of collapsed and became almost a parody of itself.  There was a numbered annual release from 2004 up until 2017.

 Now it’s back and realizing that jigsaw is actually dead we assume that there’s a copycat out there.  That's better than recasting the part.  There are a couple shifts in the landscape with spiral saw. This is the 1st time there's been any star power associated with the flick including a couple of actors I like pretty well, Chris Rock and Samuel L. Jackson. They play father and son a venerable old and respected cop and his son, working through some issues with the rest of the department for having turned in a dishonest fellow officer.  As for the plot I must admit it’s the same old same old. A bunch of people, this time it's police officers, find themselves in a situation in which they are forced to choose between death and severely maiming themselves.  It seemed to me that in this film they actually wound up maimed and dead. So, all you can say about a SAW movie is whether or not you are surprised by the ending and whether or not it was worth putting up with a couple hours of blood-and-guts. Sure, what the hell?   At any rate I was at least surprised enough to give it a lukewarm…






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